My First (And Second) 5K

May 18, 2013 in Exercise, Fiber, Fitness, Nutrition, Running by Matt Maggiacomo

Last week, I intended to write a Fittie post about my first-ever running 5K. Clearly, I did not. Fittie foul!

It’s totally cool though, because since last Saturday I’ve had the opportunity to run my second 5K, and I feel so much more legit now that my resume has TWO 5Ks on it.

It seems like just yesterday I was fighting my way through three-minute intervals, texting Sam and Melissa about how proud I was to have just run for almost a quarter of a mile. What gracious friends they’ve been through this entire process. Basically every text I’ve sent them has followed this template:


Training for a 5K has been nothing short of awesome. Every day brings a new personal best. Every session is filled with little surprises as your body gets stronger, faster, and more agile. Every post-run stretch comes with the realization that your legs are getting noticeably fitter, trimmer, and more muscular. As a guy who’s had enormous legs his entire life, witnessing the transition has felt like being privy to some kind of quiet miracle.

Now that the training is up, I’ve decided to stay in the 5K pocket and just get better at it. I’d like to train for a 10K at some point, but I also feel like I’m teetering on the edge of 5K-ness, and I want it to become something I can do without really stressing over it. I already feel like that goal isn’t too far off.

One major difference between my first 5K and my second 5K — I didn’t spend the last 0.75 miles of my second 5K feeling like I was going to die. Progress.

I’ve been kicking butt with the exercise lately. I do feel like I need to reconnect with my nutrition goals a bit though. Which is to say that I need to break out of winter mode and start investing in serious amounts of fresh produce. I still eat a solid eight to ten servings of fruit and vegetables a day, but I’m missing the glory days of last summer and fall, when I was up around twenty.

Perfect timing for me to recommit, too, because I’m pretty sure our local summer farmer’s market reopens this weekend! Heck yeah. Fiber y’all!